Important Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Agent

Posted on: 27 October 2016

Do you need to sell your home so that you can buy another? Are you thinking about trying to sell the house on your own, instead of hiring someone to do it for you? While some people can manage this process successfully, you may want to consider hiring a professional real estate agent to take care of the process for you. Reasons for doing so include the following.

No Money Out of Pocket

Some people may be concerned about how to pay a real estate agent, and they may think that the better option is to do everything themselves. However, this approach can still present a relatively large cost. You'll have to purchase signs for the front of your home and put ads in the paper or online, all of which may create a relatively large expense. If you're selling for monetary reasons, you probably don't want this additional expense right now. Fortunately for you, it costs nothing up front to list your home with an agent. They will take their pay only once the home sells and you have that money available to you. 

Faster Sale

When you ask a real estate agent to sell your home, he or she may already have a list of potential buyers who will be interested in the attributes your home has. They may have people who are looking for a particular number of bedrooms or that is located in a particular neighborhood, things that might match what your house has to offer. Instead of waiting weeks or even months for somebody to notice that your house is for sale, you may have someone putting in an offer within days if it matches their criteria. If you're selling because you need to move to another city to accept a job offer, a fast sale is also extremely important.

Fewer Phone Calls

Selling a home yourself means that you have to put out a phone number that will allow people to reach you. If potential buyers call you during dinner or while you're working, you'll have to answer the phone or else you might not be able to sell your home to that person. You may wind up with a lot of people calling you about the house, even if they don't eventually want to see the inside. These calls can eat up a lot of the free time that you might otherwise spend doing something else. A real estate agent will field all of those calls, screening potential buyers and only showing your home to those who are really interested. This professional help will leave you with more time to focus on daily tasks, such as your upcoming move.