How Selling Your Home With A Flat Fee MLS Service Works

Posted on: 20 June 2023

If you're putting your home up for sale, you may wonder if you should sell it yourself or hire a real estate agent. If you sell it yourself, you can avoid paying a commission, but you'll have to do all of the work yourself. The condition of your local real estate market and the economy may come into play since houses sell faster sometimes compared to other times.

One disadvantage to selling your home yourself is that a real estate agent would list your home on the MLS service, and you would get many more eyes on your home if you have a listing. The solution for that is to work with a flat fee MLS listing service. You can pay their affordable fee and have your home entered into the MLS system and be available for viewing on major real estate websites. Here's some information on the MLS system and using a flat fee MLS service.

What The MLS System Does

If you've searched for a home for sale on a major real estate website that lets you search listings all across the country that were submitted by real estate agents, you were most likely looking at MLS listings. When your home is in the system, people can search your area from anywhere in the world and see your home. Your listing also becomes available to local agents in your area who represent buyers, if you choose to work with buyer's agents.

All this means your home gets a lot more exposure. More people will see your home when it's in the MLS system than will see your home by running a newspaper ad or placing a sign in your yard. You can place all kinds of real estate in the MLS listing, even rental properties. If your home doesn't sell, you might want to rent it instead.

How Selling Your Home With An MLS Service Works

When you pay for a flat fee MLS service, your home will be listed quickly. You may need certain documents first, but once your information is all in order, your home could be available for searching the same day or the next. You'll be responsible for writing your own description and submitting photos of your home.

In addition, you'll have login information so you can change your listing any time you need to. You might want to change the price or add more pictures, and you can do all of this yourself, so you're in control. All of your edits are approved first by the flat fee MLS service.

You Only Pay A Flat Fee

You won't have to pay any other fees to a flat fee MLS system. You won't have to pay any kind of commission to a real estate agent unless you accept offers from a buyer's agent. When some people shop for a new house, they work with a buyer's agent. By paying the buyer's agent's commission, you may get more interested buyers, but that's up to you. If someone feels comfortable buying a house without an agent, you won't have to pay anything other than the flat fee to the MLS service to get your home noticed and sold.

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