Signs You Should Use Your Real Estate Agent Again

Posted on: 28 October 2016

When you buy a home and move into it, future real estate dealings might be the last thing on your mind. However, there can be many factors that cause you to look for a new home before you'd previously expected to do so. When you know you'll be rejoining the real estate market, you'll need to decide whether to partner with the real estate agent who helped you with your previous purchase — or find someone new to hire. Think back to your previous dealings with the agent; here are some signs that you should hire this professional again.

A Demonstrated High Degree Of Reliability

One of the best traits that a real estate agent can exhibit — and one that should make you want to hire the person again — is reliability. You depend highly on your agent for keeping in touch with you about properties you're interested in, responding to your questions in a timely manner, and providing valuable insight to help you through any challenging decisions that you face. It's ideal to once again work with a reliable agent because you know what you'll be getting, and this can save a significant amount of stress when you're looking to buy and/or sell a home.

An Understanding Of Your Needs

Another sign that you want to see if you choose to work with the same real estate agent is a clear understanding of your needs. When you're in the real estate market, your needs can be extremely specific, and it's imperative that your agent has a clear understanding of them. If not, you won't get sent the listings that are of specific interest, for example. Although your needs can change over time, it's ideal to once again work with someone who has shown a keen interest in knowing exactly what you're looking for.

A High-Caliber Team Of Resources

You'll also want to plan to work together with the same real estate agent if he or she had a high-caliber team of resources that helped last time. Access to a wide range of professionals can make the process of buying or selling a home easier. When you're selling a home, a real estate agent's home stager, contractors, and other such professionals can get the property looking its best. When you're buying a home, a diligent home inspector recommended by the agent can identify any potential issues that could prove costly. By working with the same agent again, you'll have easy access to the necessary resources.