Selling Your Luxury Home? Proactive Marketing Tips That Really Work

Posted on: 21 November 2016

Selling the typical three bedroom, two bath suburban home can have some challenges but the rate of success is still very high simply because the pool of possible buyers is so large. Selling a luxury home, however, can be much more difficult because the group of buyers who can afford it is a much smaller segment of the home buying public. If you are preparing to sell your luxury home and would like to increase your chances of a successful sale, consider using one or more of the following proactive marketing tips to help you succeed.

Think National and International, Instead of Just Local

The power of the internet offers an excellent way for luxury home sellers to greatly expand their pool of potential buyers and increase their chances for a successful sale. To do this, luxury home sellers should make sure that their home is professionally staged, photographed and marketed via a high quality website that has been customized with appropriate keywords for web searches, active blogs that appeal to luxury home owners and buyers, and through a wide variety of popular social media media platforms. 

Remember to Market the Home's Unique Features 

Since most luxury homes are originally built or later renovated to suit the unique desires of the people who are selling them, it makes perfect sense to exploit this fact in order to attract a new buyer with similar interests and housing needs. To do this successfully, luxury home sellers should consider using marketing techniques that target people who are most likely to like living in the home. Some examples of this type of marketing include: 

  • marketing luxury golf course homes through golf publications, forums, and country clubs
  • marketing homes with recording studios through publications, blogs, and websites that appeal to the music industry
  • marketing horse properties through high-end equine breeding, racing, and showing publications and websites 

Opt for an Agent With Luxury Home Selling Experience

The process of selling a luxury home can offer challenges unlike those found in selling less expensive homes. To overcome these challenges and enjoy the best possible selling experience, luxury home sellers should consider hiring an experienced real estate professional with a successful track record of selling luxury homes. This type of agent will have the connections, skills and ability to help you navigate the luxury home selling market and find the perfect buyer for your home. When interviewing potential agents, make sure to ask to see a list of information about the homes they have sold during the past year, as well as contact information for past customers that you can call.