Selling Your House? 3 Home Staging Tips To Follow

Posted on: 10 December 2016

The challenge of selling a home is that it looks like your home, not someone else's home who is looking to buy real estate. Potential buyers may struggle to see themselves living in your home because you did not take the time to stage it before you sell it. That's why it helps to follow these tips for home staging.

De-clutter Your Home

You may be used to having things you use everyday out around your home. Unfortunately, what is seen as a convenience to you looks like clutter to a potential buyer. It makes it look like you've run out of space to put things, and have too much stuff just laying around.

Take the time to de-clutter your home. Even if you are inconvenienced, put things away so that your kitchen counters and tables are clear. Not only does it make your home look open, but it gives the appearance that you have plenty of storage.

Now may even be a time to move things to self-storage, donate, or throw away items don't want anymore in preparation of the move.

Improve Your Landscaping

Staging your home involves the outside of it as well as the inside. The outside will be the very first thing a buyer sees, so it is worth putting some time into improving its overall work.

Consider hiring a landscaper that can greatly improve your front yard. It can be done by adding some curves your flowerbeds, a retaining wall for a raised garden, new flowers, trimming trees, and even planting new shrubs. These changes can make your home really stand out in the photo that is posted online, and make it look like you care for your home.

Make Colors Neutral

You would be surprised at how many potential buyers can be obsessed over a minor detail that can easily be changed. This typically happens with paint color. If you have some rooms that are some bright and bold colors, consider changing these to colors that are more neutral. Take the focus off the walls and put it on the home as a whole. You do not want buyers leaving your home, and all they can talk about is the bright color used for the kitchen. With some paint and a free weekend, you can make the walls look like a blank canvas for others to make their own.

For more home staging tips, speak with a local real estate agent that can help.