Four Benefits Of Purchasing A Smaller House

Posted on: 1 August 2017

The bigger the better, right? With homes across the country growing larger and larger, and many buyers specifically looking for homes in the 2,500 to 3,000 square foot range, the "bigger is better' mentality is certainly pervasive in real estate. But that does not mean that this adage stands true for everyone. If you don't have a huge family or a collection that requires three spare rooms, you may actually be better off with a smaller home. Not only will the purchase price typically be cheaper, but you'll also enjoy these benefits:

Less to Clean

Who actually enjoys dusting endless shelves or vacuuming the carpet? Sure, you can hire someone to clean the house for you, but that can get pretty costly if they're cleaning three extra bedrooms and two bathrooms that hardly get used. Keeping up with the cleaning is so much easier in a small home. You won't have to worry so much if someone stops by unannounced because you should be able to keep what space you do have quite tidy.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Your utility bills will be a lot lower in a smaller home -- particularly the portion of the bills associated with heating and cooling. When the time comes to replace the furnace or AC unit, you will also be happy that you stayed small. The price of units to heat or cool smaller homes is much less. There's also less ductwork to clean and fewer vents to worry about dusting or vacuuming out each season.

Less Competition

The real estate market is hot, hot, hot right now! The big, in-demand homes often have several offers, and they often sell for more of the asking price. If you opt for a smaller home, you may have less competition, so you can likely sign a contract and move in a lot sooner. Smaller homes are cheaper in general, but you may get an even better deal comparatively because the sellers won't have as many buyers to choose from.

Less to Furnish

Sure, having three living rooms and two guest rooms sounds fun… until you realize you need to furnish all of that extra space! Furnishing extra rooms is time-consuming and expensive. Some owners of large homes never even get around to it, so those extra rooms sit empty and unused, which is certainly a waste. Furnishing a smaller home is so much easier and less expensive.

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