Reasons To Ask For Two Agents To Oversee Your Open House

Posted on: 23 August 2017

It's customary for the listing agent to oversee the open house that he or she is trying to sell for the homeowner, but it's acceptable to request that a second agent joins the main agent. If you're selling your home and an open house is approaching, you might wish to evaluate whether your listing agent will be able to take care of the event on his or her own. An inability to do so isn't a failure on the agent's behalf — rather, there are several potential reasons that you might ask your agent if he or she could have a colleague play the role of assistant. Here are some reasons that two agents is a better choice than one.

The House Is Large And Spread Out

When a house is large and spread out, one real estate agent may not suffice. If the agent is in a distant part of the house with a prospective buyer, he or she may not hear when someone else enters. While it's OK for a new arrival to tour the residence without the help of your agent, this person may have questions he or she wishes to ask — and if the agent isn't free to help, or perhaps isn't even aware of the new arrival's presence, this person could be a little frustrated. A second agent can always remain around the front door to help anyone who enters the house.

You Have Lots Of Valuables

While some homeowners like to remove their valuables in advance of an open house, doing so may not be practical. Or, you might like how your valuables make your house look. In either case, you could feel a little concerned about having so many strangers walk through your house. With only one agent present, a visitor could easily wait until the agent is tied up with other visitors, and then remove something of value and walk out. The presence of a second agent makes this type of theft more difficult.

You Expect There To Be A Lot Of Interest

Often, you'll get a sense of whether an open house will be busy or not. Perhaps your agent has indicated that lots of people have called to ask about it, or you've noticed several people stopping in their cars to check out your "For Sale" sign. If you expect the open house to be a busy affair, you may wish to ask your agent to get help from another agent. Two agents will be able to better address the needs of prospective buyers and ensure that no one gets ignored.