• Four Tips for Purchasing a Waterfront Home

    Purchasing a waterfront home is a dream come true for many people. After all, how many homes can you find that are actually along the beautiful, calming water? If you want to make this dream of yours a reality, you should consider these five tips. Hire a Specialty Real-Estate Agent: The best way to ensure that you have access to all the waterfront homes for sale, you should work with a real-estate agent who specializes in working with waterfront homes. [Read More]

  • Four Tips To Consider Before Purchasing A Condo

    When it comes to purchasing a home, you don't always have to buy a single-family one. Instead, you may consider a condo or even a townhome, which offers many benefits that don't always come with a single family home. However, before diving into the process of buying a condo, consider these four tips: Talk to Realtor About Cost: First off, you must be honest with your realtor about what you can afford, this way they can show you realistic condos to consider for purchase. [Read More]

  • Two Luxury-Home Buying Secrets

    If you have the means, buying a luxury home can be a great investment. Not only do these homes tend to be located in the best places, but many have remarkable features not normally found in ordinary homes, such as in-law and staff suites, pool houses, and unique architectural elements. However, purchasing a luxury home isn't as easy as picking something out on a real-estate website. Here are two secrets to buying a luxury home to help you find the house of your dreams. [Read More]

  • Is The Home You Love In A Homeowners Association? 3 Things To Consider

    When you finally find your dream home, you may be surprised to learn that it is part of a homeowners association. This means that there are certain rules that you must follow to live in the community. Before you make an offer on the home, consider these three things. Will You Need To Make Improvements After Moving In? You may be buying a home in a homeowners association, but that doesn't meant that the home is up to date on all of the rules of the community. [Read More]

  • Selling Your House? 3 Home Staging Tips To Follow

    The challenge of selling a home is that it looks like your home, not someone else's home who is looking to buy real estate. Potential buyers may struggle to see themselves living in your home because you did not take the time to stage it before you sell it. That's why it helps to follow these tips for home staging. De-clutter Your Home You may be used to having things you use everyday out around your home. [Read More]

  • Selling Your Luxury Home? Proactive Marketing Tips That Really Work

    Selling the typical three bedroom, two bath suburban home can have some challenges but the rate of success is still very high simply because the pool of possible buyers is so large. Selling a luxury home, however, can be much more difficult because the group of buyers who can afford it is a much smaller segment of the home buying public. If you are preparing to sell your luxury home and would like to increase your chances of a successful sale, consider using one or more of the following proactive marketing tips to help you succeed. [Read More]

  • The Suburban Commute: The Selling Point For Many Homebuyers And How To Use It

    When you are starting out as a fresh-faced real estate agent, you are taught how to sell to all kinds of people. Everyone looks for something a little different in the places they call home, and you have to figure out what that is and find it for them. However, there are also some very common selling points that you might overlook when you are trying to find your clients the perfect home. [Read More]

  • Ready For Mortgage, But Not For Marriage? 3 Home-Buying Tips For Unmarried Couples

    There are a lot of reasons why you and your partner may have decided to delay marriage or even skip it all together. There's no reason why you have to get married to live your lives together, but being an unmarried couple does make some things – like home ownership – a bit trickier. If you and your partner are not married, but you are ready to invest in a home of your own, take a look at some tips that can help. [Read More]

  • Considering Buying A House In A 55+ Community? 3 Things To Do

    If you're at or approaching retirement age and looking to relocate, you've probably at least considered the possibility of buying a home in a 55+ community. These age-restricted communities come in many forms, such as condos, apartments, mobile homes, and single-family homes. The one thing they all have in common is that they cater to the needs of seniors. If you think that a senior community might be the right place for you to settle in, take a look at some things you should do when touring communities. [Read More]

  • Two Tips for Buying Real Estate

    There are few investments that you can make that are larger than purchasing real estate. Sadly, many homebuyers will not have the experience to be able to confidently go through this process without making oversights. In order to help you avoid making these potentially serious mistakes when buying real estate, you need to be aware of a couple of simple tips to help make sound choices during this purchase. Know the Benefits and Disadvantages of Homeowners Associations [Read More]